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RMP Motors has assembled a knowledgeable team of licensed factory trained professionals with 25 years of combined experience. We pride ourselves as a true alternative for dealer quality service, and availability of dealer quality parts.
another oneWe also been building, tuning and racing cars since 2000, winning multiple championships. We use this experience to service, repair, and tune daily driven vehicles to full blown track and racing cars. You will not find a product at RMP that we will not use on our own street or race cars. Testing the products gives us confidence in the parts that we sell and use on our customers cars.dd8153
A wide variety of OEM factory parts are available and in stock at low affordable prices. We also have OEM quality aftermarket and performance parts available. Our extremely wide selection of suppliers gives us the flexibility to repair or customise your vehicle the way you want. We are also an authorised BOSCH repair centre and parts specialist.



tr7 3

The Celebration of Motorsport weekend got off to a great start, with some initial testing on Friday morning. #153 Rocco Marciello piloting the championship winning Triumph TR7 was able to get in some quick laps and reunite himself with the car after two years of not racing it at CTMP.
On Saturday morning RMP sponsored drivers #288 Johannes Tjiang, #1 Ali Nasirpour and #199 Daria Khachi were also ready for the weekend. They qualified in top positions in each class and were prepared to win.

tr7 win

The races of the weekend went well with wins in each category. Rocco in the #153 Triumph TR7 was able to get lap times down, winning two of the three races including first overall out of a 45 car field in the final race.


#1 Ali Nasirpour in his E36 M3 started from the back of the field due to turning a faster lap time than the GT3 Category limit in the Saturday evening race. He was able to make his way back up to the top of GT3 but an unfortunate throttle cable failure caused him to not finish the race. RMP Competizione quickly repaired his car and had him ready in time for the Sunday races. Again, Ali was able to make his way through the field by fighting some hard battles all the way up to a 2nd place finish in GT3 just behind his team mate Daria.

ali 1


diaria khacher


This was Daria’s best finish of the year winning the GT3 race.



With long days and a lot of hard work, RMP Competizione made sure to get #288 Johannes Tjiang’s E46 M3 back on the track after his incident last race weekend at Mosport. While the car was performing flawlessly, Johannes was getting his feel back for the car and was happy to be on track once again turning some fast laps.

tjiang 2

The 2017 race season has been a very exciting and eventful year. With many races and several podium finishes. RMP Competizione prevailed once again on top of the charts with multiple championship wins.

We are excited to announce our Championship Wins for the CASC GT Sprints Categories. The continued success of our racers is a testament to RMP Motors Competizione’s attention to detail, excellent preparation and upkeep throughout the season.
3rd Place in GT1 – #153 Rocco Marciello (Partial season)
2nd Place in GT2 – #81 Michael Delledonne
3rd Place in GT2 – #53 Rocco Marciello
4th Place in GT2 – #199 Daria Khachi
5th Place in GT3 – #1 Ali Nasipour (Partial season)
6th Place in GT3 – #288 Johannes Tjiang

Preparation for the 2018 race season is already underway and we will be ready for competition.

We would also like to thank our sponsors for all of their support throughout the years: FUCHS OIL, MOLYSLIP, LIQUI MOLY, BULLY CLUTCH AND PFFAF BMW.

Action packed weekend at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park!

RMP Competizione had multiple entry’s prepared for the Indian Summer races at CTMP on September 15-16-17th.

Testing started on Friday for the #53 BMW M235iR for this event. With the car being dialed in, lap times became quicker and consistent. With some minor setup changes, we were ready to get the weekend started.


On Saturday morning RMP Competizione BMW’s #53, #81, #288, and #1 were ready to grid. The warm-up session showed that each car was performing well and were ready for the qualifying session. BMW #53 Rocco Marciello and #81 Michael DelleDonne qualified well in the GT2 category placing them in 7th and 8th in class out of 40 cars on the grid. #1 Ali Nasirpour in his S54 E36 qualified 2nd in class and #288 Johannes Tjiang 4th in GT3.

The GT2 races went well, #53 Rocco Marciello had great racing with much higher hp cars and made some excellent passes.Rocco made it up to 3rd when his M235iR overheated causing limp mode.


Due to the issue Rocco had to enter the pit lane for a cool down, after a pit stop Rocco was able to re enter the race and finish one position behind team mate Michael.


In GT3 2016 Champion Ali Nasirpour had a excellent race holding off all his competition and finishing 1st.

The weekend had its share of incidents and breakdowns that caused full course yellows. Sadly #288 Johannes was caught up in an incident that ended his race early. We are glad that he is OK and the car will be repaired and ready for the next race.37160773921_d0fbd4450c_k

The next and final event of 2017 will be held at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park once again for the Celebration of Motorsport. The final championship positions will be posted after the event!

As always we would like to say thank you to all our sponsors.


CASC Motorsports Showcase at CTMP

E90 5

With some pre race preparation RMP Competizione was ready to campaign 4 cars for the CASC Motorsport Showcase June 24-25 at Canadian Tire Motorsports park (CTMP).
RMP Competizione had entries in multiple classes this race weekend. Three cars in GT2 and One car in GT4.
Starting early Saturday morning, technical inspection was underway to prepare the cars for the first track session, with all cars passing through tech we were ready to race.DD 2
This weekend we decided to switch things up a little. Instead of running both M235iR’s , we brought out the E90 325i touring car for this race weekend.

Along side most of RMP Competiziones race team, a new member Johannes Tjiang entered his first race weekend running his RMP Built E46 M3.

Saturday mornings practice and qualifying went well. Mike Delledonne and Rocco Marciello qualified with 1st and 3rd in GT2 and Johannes Tjiang qualified 2nd in class.

The Saturday afternoon race went well with some fierce battles, RMP Competizione came out on top with driver of #81 Michael Delledonne placing first in GT2 and #153 Rocco Marciello finishing 3rd in class behind a Porsche GT4 Cup car. #288 Johannes Tjiang had placed 3rd in GT4 in his first ever wheel to wheel race!


Early Sunday morning the team prepared the cars for the afternoon races, which turned out to be worth while. Michael Delledonne placed first in GT2 and Daria Khachi placed 2nd, RMP on the podium once again! Johannes Tjiang did excellent winning the GT4 race , beating his personal best lap time which was too fast for the GT4 class causing him to break out of GT4 and get bumped up to GT3 for the next race weekend.

These results have RMP Competizione in the lead of the CASC GT2 points championship.diaria khacher





We would like to thank our sponsors Fuchs oil, MolySlip, LiquiMoly, JRP, PFAFF BMW and Bully Clutch for there continued support!

Next race updates will be posted after the event.


RMP Competizione prepares for 2017 race season


RMP Competizione is proud to announce our plans for the 2017 race season. This season we have decided to campaign two brand new cars, a pair of 2016 BMW F22 M235iRs have been added to the RMP stable. The cars will undergo a serious amount of setup and development before they hit the track for the first time. dd8153The cars will run in both the Canadian Touring Car Championship (CTCC) and the CASC Ontario GT sprints championships, piloted by long time RMP Competizione drivers Rocco Marciello and Michael Delle Donne. Preperation was started in October 2016 and we feel confident that the 2017 race season will be a successful one. The cars have been tuned and setup meticulously at RMP Motors in Toronto Ontario, and are wearing RMP Competiziones signature Rosso Competizione’s colour. ddlmWe would like to thank our new sponsors for 2017 : Liqui Moly, Wrap Conceptz and Pfaff Motorsports.  We would also like to acknowledge  Molyslip and Bully Clutch for there continued support over the years and into the 2017 season, we plan to make you proud! The 2017 race season starts in May at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park, check back for race updates and more news.harddd

RMP Motors is your destination for experienced BMW and European automobile service from regular road driven to full race prepared vehicles.

Stay on top of regular maintainance with RMP Motors

The most frequently needed and important vehicle maintenance is often the most forgotten. Changing your oil at the recommended intervals helps protect engines from wear and damage. Constant exposure to heat, moisture and air leads to oil degradation. The end result is oil thickening, sludge build up, carbon deposits and corrosive wear. Sludge in your engine can block up oil passages and cause crucial engine components such as BMW’s Vanos system to begin to stick or even fail. To keep your vehicle running at top performance we recommend high quality synthetic oil services every 8000 Kilometers or every 6 months whichever comes first. For extra protection we also offer TUV approved engine flushes and Moly Slip oil additives.

 Call today to book your next service appointment and protect your engine from sludge!



Multiple Championship Wins for RMP Competizione in 2016


The 2016 race season was a long and eventful one!  RMP Competizione finished the season with more than one class Championship win.FullSizeRender (2) In GT2, John Hansen in his BMW e36 took the GT2 class championship win, while Rocco Marciello, trailing not far behind in his BMW E90, finished 3rd overall in its first full season. Michael DelleDonne in his BMW E90 finished 4th overall respectively.

153 GT2In the GT3 class, RMP Competizione was on top of the rankings yet again. Ali Nasirpour in his BMW E36 secured the GT3 class championship, while the RMP tuned and setup BMW E30 driven by Daria Khachi finished 2nd overall.


We would also like to congratulate Ali on his overall highest points championship win, beating out all 5 GT classes.

RMP Competzione is also proud to announce that we will be running a new BMW 235iR for the 2017 race season. With some preliminary testing underway at the laFullSizeRenderst race weekend of 2016, we are confident that the 235iR will be a great candidate for the 2017 championship.

The 2016 race season was a great success for RMP Competizione. Multiple race weekends were raced with excellent reliability and performance. Once again, our dedication to setup and tuning proved worth while.

FullSizeRender (3)

We would also like to thank our sponsers Fuchs oil, Molyslip, Liqui Moly, and Bully Clutch for there continued support over the years!

Preperation for the 2017 race season has already begun with more tuning, modifications and some new cars that will be competing in the championship. Check back for updates as we will be posting them during the off season.

BARC Canadian Touring Trophy Races @ CTMP

153 GT2

RMP Competizione had many entries in the 3rd race weekend in the CASC GT Sprints Championship. The race was held at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park for BARC’s  Canadian Touring Trophy Races.  RMP’s hard work, dedication and preparation for this weekend proved to be worth while, with many podium finishes and fast lap times.IMG_2065

Warming up early on Saturday morning, Rocco and Michael piloting the two BMW E90′s performed well by dropping lap times significantly, compared to previous weekends, finishing each race and collecting championship points.

For the first race weekend out in 2016, RMP Competizione sponsored #154 2001 Chevy Monte-Carlo Cascar piloted by Marek P. With some minor set up and alignment changes, the car was running smoothly and he was able to drop his lap times to a personal best of 1:26, thus moving him into the GT1 class!


RMP had many podium finishes in the feature race of the weekend. John Hansen in his #30 RMP Tuned E36 won the GT2 race with Rocco Marciello finishing 3rd. In GT3, two RMP Competizione tuned and chassis setup BMW’s also finished 1st and 2nd.IMG_2101

The weekend was a huge success overall. The podium finishes are great accomplishments that showcase RMP’s high level of expertise and reflect our commitment to each and every vehicle we service. RMP’s experience and attention to detail not only finishes races but wins them!

The next race weekend will be held at Calabogie Motorsports Park near Ottawa from August 19-21.  Race coverage will be posted shortly after, stay tuned.


Great start for RMP Competizione 2016 Race season.


With extensive preparation and late night tuning before the first Canadian Touring Car event held at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park, RMP Competizione was ready to head out for the 1st and 2nd rounds. IMG_7749With the cars running well and being reliable all weekend, only a few minor setup adjustments were needed between sessions. The first weekend turned out to be a great success! Michael DelleDonne did excellent finishing on the podium in 3rd place out of an overall 30+ cars that weekend.

IMG_7701With a week to prepare for the next double header CTCC and GT sprints race at Calabogie Motorsports Park, the cars were fine tuned and ready to hit the track. Rocco Marciello and Michael DelleDonne did very well in both series bringing lap times down to 2:16 and running at the top of the field. The cars fine tuning truly paid off when both drivers qualified 1st and 2nd and even out qualified some higher HP machines. Overall, RMP had a strong finish in both series that weekend. The cars raced reliably over 4 hours and Rocco rounded off the weekend with 3 podium finishes.

After the trek to Calabogie, the cars are now back at the shop for more preparation, setup, and tuning. The next event will be held at Shannonville Motorsports Park for the July 15-16 weekend. Stayed tuned for more race reports and upcoming events!



2016 Race Season Testing @ Shannonville


A lot of preparation for the 2016 race season was done at RMP Motors during the cold long winter . After winning the GT1 and GT2 Championships in 2015,IMG_7560  RMP Competizione decided to prepare the BMW E90 touring cars for the 2016 race season. With new engines, suspensions, modifications and  tuning under the belt, the pair of 2006 325i’s powered by BMW’s  N52 motors were ready for testing.

IMG_7552The first planed  test day was held at Shannonville Motorsports Park near Belleville, ON on May 7th.
The two E90 touring cars were both setup and dialed in to perfection! First time out with the E90′s in 2016 was a great success considering the cars had were in pieces a couple months earlier. Rocco Marciello and Michael Delledonne were piloting the cars to very consistent and fast lap times all day, on the slick IMG_7546FABI circuit.
The long and hard hours of preparation showed to be worth while with the test sessions going flawlessly.
The first race event will be held at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park on May 14-15 and we expect it to be a great one. Be sure to follow RMP Competizione for updates and race results.