Successful 2014 Race Season For RMP Competizione

GT2 Winner

After a long hard battle in the 2014 GT Sprints Championship, RMP Competizione was once again at the top of the rankings. The RMP Competizione sponsored GT2 E36 won the Championship, beating out higher hp and more complex race cars. We congratulate John Hansen on his successful season and his Championship win. Our 2012-2013 Championship winning Gt1 Triumph finished with a tie for 2nd place in 2014, only running a partial season due to driver Rocco Marciello injuring his hand after the Calabogie race.GT1

We are proud of this and previous years accomplishments. We give thanks to our crew and sponsors for there continued support and plan for the 2015 race season to be as impressive with preparations already started.

RMP Motors continues to use these race experiences to improve our ability to setup, tune and service vehicles, no matter if it’s your daily driven car or full championship winning race car. This knowledge and experience is what makes RMP Motors service ahead of the rest.



Excellent Race Weekend For RMP Competizione


With alot of preparation for the BARC Canadian Touring Trophy races at CTMP July 26-27, all of the hard work and dedication proved to be worth while with great podium finishes. In GT1 our in tube chassis TR7 piloted by Rocco Marciello, we finished with two 2nd place positions and came 1st overall in the feature race. In GT2, RMP Competizione IMG_1852sponsored BMW E36 driven by John Hansen, also proved that RMP tuning will get you up front with an impressive 2nd and two 1st place finishs. The weekends results have us 2nd place in GT1 and 1st place in GT2 so far in the championship standings. We would also like to congratulate IMG_1929Marek Petruczynik on his great first race weekend in his RMP tuned and chassis setup ex Cascar. The next race weekend in the GT Sprints Championship is being held at Calabogie Motorsport Park Aug 23-24, watch for RMP Competizione!

RMP Competizione Sponsored BMW E36 Wins @ CTMP


The first race of the season for the 2014 CASC GT sprints was held at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park. With rain and poor track conditions, we are proud to congratulate John Hansen in his RMP Competizione tuned and sponsored S54 E36. John won all 3 races during the weekend his GT2 BMW, holding off higher HP tube chassis cars, and piloting his car to victory! This putting John in 1st place in the GT2 championship so far, and a great start to the season.

The next event in the championship will be held at CTMP June 21-22, watch for other RMP Competizione race cars that will be entering this event!

RMP Competizione wins 2013 GT1 Sprints Championship


The third race of the 2013 season was held at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park (CTMP), in RMP Competizione style the car was reliable and consistent to the finish. We finished the race weekend on the podium in 2nd place which brought us well ahead of the 2nd place contendetr7mcor.

The rest of the 4 races of the season continued in a similar manner, finishing each race and collecting points was the goal and the goal was met as each weekend that past with great races and finishes. The RMP Competizione built and tuned TR7 was fast and reliable all season with only one DNF.  Showing that a well built and properly maintained car will finish races and win championships.

We are proud to announce we have won the 2012 and 2013 CASC GT1 Sprints championships back to back, in our TR7 piloted by Rocco Marciello.winner Rocco won the championship with 434 points over the 2nd place contender with only 272.

We thank our great team and our sponsors  for a excellent 2013 season and we are looking forward to a great 2014 season.


Clean Sweep at Shanonville!


The second round of the GT Sprints Championship was held at Shanonville Motorsports Park. We made some motor changes before the weekend and went into the weekend hoping for the best. Qualifying in 1st was a good sign for what was to come the rest of the weekend. After a great qualifying we  finished all 3 races in 1st place, and received maximum points towards are GT1 championship.  The RMP Competzione team is very proud of our accomplishments so far this season as we are already leading the championship with 100 point lead over the current 2nd place team.

The next round is being held at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park June 22-23.

Stay tuned for updates.

Great Start To 2013 Race Season For RMP Competizione


The first race event in the Ontario GT Sprints Championship for 2013 was held at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park. After a long winter it was great to get out to the track for some Friday testing to prepare for the races on the weekend. The only change to the car for 2013  was the addition of a power steering unit.

Still running our lower powered spare motor we were surprised that we were able to successfully finish with two 2nd places and a 1st place on our first weekend out in 2013.


Getting consistent lap times and only losing to a  higher HP Trans Am car,we were extremely happy with our results.

With these results we are already sitting in 1st place in the championship so far.


The second round of the 2013 race season is being held at Shanonville May 25-26.

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RMP Competizione Wins 2012 Motul GT1 Championship!


After a tough mid-season engine failure due to a valve train problem during practice for the 3rd race weekend of the year, a spare lower HP engine was installed to continue the season in hopes of still winning the championship. Without knowing how the engine would perform we headed out to Canadian Tire Motorsports Park (CTMP) for the 4th race weekend. The spare engine ran well but not as fast or consistent as our original engine. We were able to come in a respectable 4th place, which kept us in the first place position going into the next race weekend. However, some tuning and setup was needed for faster lap times.

The next race weekend was held at Calabogie Motorsports Park. With it being our first time racing on the full long track, we had to learn the circuit quickly in order to have a successful weekend. Once we became familiar with the circuit, our lap times improved and we were able to pull off an amazing race start and take the trophy for 1st place overall. As a result, the win basically clinched us the GT1 championship title.

Moving on to CTMP for the last two race weekends, all we had to do was finish the races and collect points to secure the title. With the championship already in hand, we didn’t take any unnecessary risks and closed the season with many great finishes.

We won the championship in our RMP built and tuned tube chassis TR7. Rocco Marciello, owner of RMP Motors, piloted the TR7 to victory with 337 points over the second place contender with 167 points.

RMP Competizione would also like to congratulate our fellow teammate, Michael Delle Donne, on his 2nd place in the GT3 class championship in his RMP tuned BMW e90 325.

Preparation for the 2013 race season has already begun at RMP Motors and we expect it to be a great one!


RMP Competizione Dominates at DAC Shannonville Race Weekend!


The second race event of the season was held at Shannonville Motorsport Park. We made some small changes to the cars and the preparation served us well. Our GT1 Triumph TR7 was the fastest GT Sprints contender all weekend. We qualified first and that was a sign of what was to follow for the weekend. We finished all 3 races in first well ahead of the rest of the field with over a 10 second lead in all 3 races. Our GT3 BMW 325 also did well finishing the weekend in 1st place as well.

The results from this weekend has us in 1st place in the championship in GT1 and Gt3 so far, and we hope to continue the rest of the season with as good results.

The next race is being held at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park (Mosport) on June 30 – July 1st weekend.

RMP Competizione runs in top 3 at BEMC Race Weekend


After a long winter, all the preparation for the first race weekend showed to be worth while. With both race cars running well and turning good lap times at Mosport (now called Canadian Tire Motorsport Park). Our E90 race car in GT3 running our low power motor was able to run a respectable lap time of 1:33, and finish all 3 races in 2nd place, putting our driver M. DELLEDONNE in 1st place overall in the championship thus far.  Our GT1 tube chassis race car was able to get down to some very fast lap times, and we believe we will be contenders for both the GT1 and GT3 Motul GT Sprints championships in this year!

We will be racing at Shannonville Motorsport Park on May 26-27 with both cars.