Successful 2014 Race Season For RMP Competizione

GT2 Winner

After a long hard battle in the 2014 GT Sprints Championship, RMP Competizione was once again at the top of the rankings. The RMP Competizione sponsored GT2 E36 won the Championship, beating out higher hp and more complex race cars. We congratulate John Hansen on his successful season and his Championship win. Our 2012-2013 Championship winning Gt1 Triumph finished with a tie for 2nd place in 2014, only running a partial season due to driver Rocco Marciello injuring his hand after the Calabogie race.GT1

We are proud of this and previous years accomplishments. We give thanks to our crew and sponsors for there continued support and plan for the 2015 race season to be as impressive with preparations already started.

RMP Motors continues to use these race experiences to improve our ability to setup, tune and service vehicles, no matter if it’s your daily driven car or full championship winning race car. This knowledge and experience is what makes RMP Motors service ahead of the rest.