Back at CTMP Mosport for the second last weekend of the season. 

Testing went well on Friday, with some slight suspension adjustments, we improved lap times and were ready for the races.

Practice and qualifying went well, the GT1 field were very big this weekend with 15 cars in GT1, lap times were very tight, we qualified with a lap time of 1:23.2 in GT1. In GT2 Daria Khachi qualified 3rd with 1:27.4 and Johannes Tjiang qualified with a 1:31.5 putting him first in GT3.

This first race ended extremely quickly for us in GT1 with a driveline issue in the M235iR on the warm up lap! We quickly made our way back to the shop to repair the issue with our spare parts, and we were ready for the Sunday events. While we were making our way back to the shop, the race went on. Daria Khachi in his E46 M3 placed first in GT2 and Bruce Wylie 2nd  in GT3 and Johannes in 4th.

Sunday mornings race was very eventful, Rocco started in 29th position due to not finishing Saturday’s race. Rocco in the M235iR made his way through the field passing 21 competitors, making his way to 8th overall and in GT1. In GT2 Daria Khachi was leading but he ran lap times of 1:26 this breaking him out of the GT2 time bracket, disqualifying him from the win.

The final race of the weekend went well, battling our way to the finish, we had placed 6th overall and in GT1 out of 40 cars. In GT2 Daria Khachi made his way back up to first and held on until the race was over. 

This weekend was very action packed, we now are preparing for the final race of the season, and can’t wait! 

Stay  tuned for the final race results!